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The Gauntlet

Saturday, July 8th - Sunday, July 9th 2023

Event Information

The Gauntlet Tournament, hosted by Eclipse Lacrosse Club, is an invite only boutique Club Lacrosse tournament for teams – 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2031

  • The tournament will feature two divisions - AA & A
  • Tournament Dates: Saturday, July 8th - Sunday, July 9th

The Gauntlet is a Stay to Play Event. Athlete’s Hospitality will be handling all of the hotels for the Gauntlet 2023. They have secured great hotels close to both locations. To connect with AH please reach out to Jason Vogel at moc.y1686392521tilat1686392521ipsoh1686392521setel1686392521hta@v1686392521nosaj1686392521

Tournament Schedule - Tourney Machine will be live in June

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