Beginner Intro Program

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Eclipse 2033 / 2034 Intro Summer Program  

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Curriculm & Culture

Our emphasis at this age is making sure the basics are taught correctly.   For example, instead of just focusing on running drills to improve “throwing and catching”, we asked all our Coaches to instruct and correct the finest details such as proper hand placement on the stick, importance of arm angles, and precise footwork.  Similar to a golf swing or baseball swing, a lacrosse player should try their best to perfect the proper mechanics of throwing, catching, and shooting in order to improve the end result.  In addition, this is the perfect age to review and teach 1v1 dodging techniques.  In our experience, we have found players at this age level learn quicker by explaining “why” it is important to step in a certain direction and ways to protect their stick better when dodging an opponent.  A perfect example is the “split dodge”:  For kids in grades K and 1st, most players can understand the concept that a split dodge is moving the stick from your right hand to your left or your left hand to your right.   However, when players reach the 2nd and 3rd grades, we have found they can grasp the understanding of making their opposing defenseman turn their hips one way by stepping aggressively toward the hand on their stick near their stick head (if they are holding their stick “lefty”, they step with their left foot).   Once that action is completed, they then rotate their left shoulder across, protecting their stick and complete the transfer of hands as they get by their defender.   Players at this age not only can comprehend these finer techniques, moreover, it increases this excitement to learn more after being more successful during their execution.  This is evident during our small area game formats that maximize player participation and most importantly make the experience really fun.

Most importantly, at this age we have seen players begin to grasp one of our core values of our Eclipse Culture - “A Disciplined Approach to Everything”!  At Eclipse Lacrosse Club, we believe to be the best player on the field, we must approach everything in our daily life with the same passion.   At the beginning and end of every clinic, practice, and game, our Coaches will always deliver a message that is meant to develop leadership, teamwork, and enthusiasm to improve on their own.  We believe it is important at all age levels, however, for our youngest players it is essential to their future success as an Athlete.

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