Advanced Development Program

General Information

Current 4th, 5th, and 6th graders are selected to teams for our Advanced Development Program. These players have been playing lacrosse for a few years and are ready to bring their individual and team game to a higher level.   At this age group our clinics/practices focus on the improved fundamentals and team concepts of lacrosse.  Our approach to coaching fundamentals includes a “magnified” view to make sure players are not only performing basic skills correctly, but every skill set is enhanced. 

All our 2031, 2030, and 2029 teams will have coaches for the full year, but will also be joined by other coaches: Former MLL/PLL Players, College Players, Former College Players, Current high school coaches, High School Eclipse Players, Youth coaches, and Guest coaches.   At Eclipse Lacrosse Club, we believe players get better by being taught by as many different coaches as possible throughout their career with us.

Our 2031, 2030 and 2029 teams will enter three to four tournaments in the summer. The teams will have a target practice schedule to optimize their preparation before playing in a tournament.   In addition, we offer clinics in the fall and winter.




    September & October Clinics

    Grade wide clinics with a focus on individual skill development. Clinics include team and guest coaches.




    December, January & February Clinics

    Grade wide clinics in box field and box lacrosse to increase our players touches during the winter season.




    June & July Team Practices + Tournaments

    Team practices with team coaches and four tournaments.

Curriculm & Culture

A good example is helping our offensive players increase their shooting velocity and accuracy.  To achieve better results, we explain how foot and arm angles enable a player’s core strength to be maximized.  Another example is the awareness our dodgers must have if their “first move” does work against a good defender.   Each year, we make a strong point of emphasis on proper approaches, how to create contact, different ways to counter contact, and reading defensive players.  Counter dodges or “2nd moves” are coached such as the execution of a split and roll, swim and roll, in-out-in, etc.   

For young defenders who may be picking up long poles for the first time, our Directors Jamie Hanford and Will Koshansky and Eclipse Coaches Ryan McClay and Tommy Smith continue to add to the curriculum using a mix of skills they learned growing up and the current trends being used by college and professional players of today.  For defensive players, we are making sure we teach the correct footwork, angles, and a basic understanding of individual vs team defensive concepts.  Many of the drills we have our players execute are drills they can perform on their own in their backyards or before/after their practices throughout the year. The “magnified” curriculum on defense increases the focus on finer details such as the proper angles to take to cut off an offensive player at X, hand placement and a balanced stance when using a long pole, and when and how to be an aggressive checker.

Beginners Intro Program