Intro Program (2027, 2028, 2029)

At this age group, 2027, 2028, & 2029 (current 1st, 2nd, & 3rd graders), we organize TWO four day practice weeks designed to teach the basic fundamentals and team concepts of lacrosse. #rd graders who are not part of our 2027 teams can attend these practices. Players will be divided at the sessions based on age and ability level.

We believe that young lacrosse players in our area would be better served by increased practice time and more lacrosse development. We design our practice structure with this in mind. At the end of each practice session, we will organize our own game play situations and scrimmages (with a heavy focus on learning the game).   In our practice setting, every player gets many more repetitions through drills than they do during a game.  An attackman may touch the ball 5-10 times in a game.  However, in our practices that same attackman will touch the ball 20-30 times per drill. This increased amount of repetitions leads to much more individual and team development. Secondly, throughout the summer we staff over 60 different coaches. By increasing the amount of practice time, we also increase the exposure each player has to different coaches.  We rotate coaches through our 1st, 2nd, & 3rd grade practices so that at the end of the week, each player has been coached by many more coaches than a traditional coaching staff of 2-3 per team.  When compared to the classic camp or clinic structure, our practices maintain the best possible coach to player ratio. In the past we have bolstered our coaching staff to have 1 coach for roughly every 5 kids.

We take great pride in introducing current 1st, 2nd, & 3rd graders to our program. We have seen incredible numbers at our older grades tryouts each year due to the experience players have in our 1st/2nd grade summer.

Included will be small game formats that maximize player participation and most importantly make the experience fun.  Over these two weeks we will include the following coaches: MLL Players, Former MLL Players, College Players, Former College Players, Current high school coaches, High School Eclipse Players, Youth coaches, and Guest coaches.

This June, we will host this series of practices that will be open to all players in the 2028 & 2029 class and players in the 2027 class who are NOT on one of our 2027 teams.  

Practice Dates (Two Separate 4 Day Sessions)


Monday,  June 18th

Tuesday,  June 19th

Thursday,  June 21st

Friday,  June 22nd


Monday,  June 25th

Tuesday,  June 26th

Wednesday,  June 27th

Thursday,  June 28th


4:30 - 6:15pm -  We will have a guest speaker at the end of each practice day - example: a college coach Q & A or pro lacrosse player shooting demo.  We ask that all players arrive 15 minutes early each day.   

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Session 1 & Session 2 COMBINED Registration: Registration for Sessions 1 & 2

Session 1 ONLY Registration: Session 1 Registration

Session 2 ONLY Registration: Session 2 Registration


Practice Structure

Each day the players will be divided up into station work focused on improving the lacrosse skills and abilities. We will keep players of the same age/ability together to make sure all kids have the best experience. Players will improve their catching and throwing, shooting, dodging, ground balls, defense, and team skills. Camp days are high energy and high intensity with many coaches on the field with the kids.  

T-Shirt & Reversible - Every player will receive an Eclipse T-Shirt and Reversible
Autograph Ball - Every player will receive an Orange Lacrosse Ball.   After each practice, players will be allowed to collect autographs from our guest coaches and pro-lacrosse players.

We will have a guest speaker at the end of each practice day - example: a college coach Q & A or pro lacrosse player shooting demo.

Location - New Canaan, CT

Coaches:  At Eclipse sessions players are exposed to multiple coaches (Professional Players, Former Professional Players, College Players, Former College Players, High School Coaches, and Eclipse High School Players).

2027 / 2028 / 2029 Practices are directed by Eclipse Directors.