High School Club Teams (2021AA, 2022AA, 2023AA)

Players who are current freshmen through current juniors participate on our High School Club teams. The two main goals of the High School Club Teams are to continue individual and team development, and to assist players and their families through the college recruiting process. Players attend specific training, meetings and seminars to accomplish these goals. 

Our High School Club Teams are coached by Current/Former MLL/NLL Professional Lacrosse Players, Former College Lacrosse Coaches, and Current High School Coaches. We take the continuous development of our HS players very seriously. We lead our teams through college level practices/clinics/camps to ensure our players do not plateau in high school. During these practices our players receive instruction not only from the coaches of their teams, but from other Eclipse Coaches, Guest Coaches and Directors. Each High School Club Team will have a total of five practice/clinic sessions in the Fall (September & October) and five to seven practice/clinic sessions in the Summer (June & July).  

Our High School Club Teams attend the top recruiting events in the country. Each team attends two or three recruiting events in the Fall (November) and four recruiting events in the Summer (June & July). We provide the best possible exposure of any club team in our area and are among the best in the country.  Our directors speak often with college coaches throughout the year.  High School Club Team members and their families have the opportunity to work with Eclipse Directors during the recruiting process.